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Miranda Lambert is scared of the NYC subway: ‘I don’t know how to navigate’

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin sport a fashionable and sophisticated look in NYC

Did you know that Miranda Lambert is a Scorpio? She struck me more as a Gemini, but Scorpio works too. It actually explains a lot about her personality. Anyway, Miranda is currently promoting The Pistol Annies’ latest album, which is why we’ve been getting so many interviews from her over the past few weeks. This is her first big promotional tour since she ran off and married Hot Cop Brendan McLoughlin after only knowing him for a couple of months. She successfully weathered that PR storm and truly, I’m shocked that they’re still together after nine months. Miranda is making it work though – she bought an apartment in New York, and they split their time between New York, Nashville and Texas, I guess. Here are some quotes from Miranda’s recent interviews with People and radio station Country 94.7.

On the New York subway system: “I don’t know how to navigate [the subway]. I’m scared of the stops. I know I won’t pay attention — I’m ADD — so I’ll be daydreaming and miss my place to get out.” She admitted McLoughlin was trying to fix her fear by getting her to “chill out about it.”

Living in NYC as opposed to just working there: “I’ve been to New York so many times, but I’ve only worked. I’ve never just gotten to like hang out and wander the city and really take in what that is, good and bad. There’s these crazy awesome rock bars and graffiti, I really enjoy it. I love the city. My heart is in Texas and Tennessee, but my husband has opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

She can only take New York for a short time though: “It does drain your energy. Spending a lot of time here, I start to get anxiety and stress, and go, ‘Okay, that’s three days. No more sirens. I’m good’… That’s why going back to the farm refuels me. When I was younger, I used to thrive on more noise and more going and more people. It’s opposite now. I need the quiet versus the noise.”

Her farm near Nashville: “I’ve got bunnies and horses and dogs, cats, and I just can wear no makeup and be in the same clothes for three days. They don’t care. It’s just really a place where I can regroup.”

On working out: “He helps me because he’s so energetic and he’ll push me.” On the other hand, she said she’s also teaching him a valuable lesson about self-awareness. “I think I’m helping him realize that, that’s great and all, but that’s not what defines you” she explained. “You’re very genetically blessed and I’m happy for you, but who you are isn’t what you look like.”

[From People]

While I’m sure that I know why Miranda and Blake Shelton split up (she was cheating, A LOT), I also sort of wonder sometimes if she sabotaged that marriage because she was deeply unhappy with trying to “fit in” to what Blake thought she should be, or what she thought “Blake Shelton’s wife” should be. Like, remember the last years of that marriage? She lost a lot of weight, got a hair stylist who knew what to do with her hair, and she started wearing more sophisticated clothes. She was trying to be this “first lady of country music,” I think, and it made her unhappy. She’s happier being a f–king mess and screwing around constantly and wandering around the farm with her dogs and horses.

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As for her fears of the city life… yeah, I mean, I grew in the suburbs without a lot of access to public transport. Whenever I have used a subway, it’s given me anxiety too.

Miranda Lambert and spouse Brendan Mcloughlin hold hands while out on press run in NYC

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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